Press and media

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– Engineers journal – Residential solid fuel ‘disproportionally threatens clean air’. 17 Sep2018

– Galway Daily, Supposedly cleaner fuels still cause massive air pollution, NUI Galway study finds, 17 Sep 2018

– Irish Independent, Homes that burn wood and peat ‘pollute the air quality in capital’, 14 Sep 2018

– Irish Times, ‘Green’ home heating fuels causing ‘extreme levels of air pollution, 14 Sep 2018

– NUI Galway Residential Solid Fuel Disproportionally Threatens Clean Air, 14 Sep 2018

– The Guardian, Pollutionwatch: wood and peat burning brings return of air pollution to Dublin, 15 Sep 2018

– The Times, Dublin hit by extreme pollution,  27 Sept 2018

– Radio News Talk on Dublin pollution, 14 Sep 2018

– RTE 2FM on Dublin pollution, 14 Sep 2018

– COST action CA16109, COLOSSAL has WGs and MC meeting at University of Latvia in Riga from 14-18th Oct. More info